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Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club

GSA has proudly been a campus club at Oakdale High since 2005. Our goal on campus is to create a safe school environment that encompasses all people. Whether you're out, in the closet, or somewhere in between, we hope you can find a sense of connection and protection in our meetings.


If you're a member or an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, please contact us at this email for the Google Classroom code:


Mental health, as vastly complicated as it already is, can be especially difficult to manage when you're part of the community. If you feel that you need support, please reach out in some way. This message is for you, and you're not the exception. You are never too much; you are always enough. 


To some people viewing this, the resources provided on this page will seem mundane and pointless, because this has what everyone has been telling you to do all of the time, and you've tried it, and it doesn't help. This is understandable. At the very least, keep in mind:


1) You have not tried everything. 

2) You will never ever be alone in what you are feeling.

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